The healthcare sector is an application area that Reflex has worked closely with, delivering security and safety systems for both private and NHS facilities.

Our systems are installed and operate in some of the country’s newest and most advanced healthcare facilities from nursing homes and residential care to high security mental health and hospital environments.

CCTV equipment is used on many healthcare sites and is used increasingly in conjunction with automatic number plate recognition for car park control, help communication call points and video analytics to enhance the ability to recognize and identify situations and create alerts.  Electronic access control often plays a key role in a number of areas including patient and staff safety, access to high risk areas and controlled drugs storage, patient records and IT.  When integrated with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) we offer excellent solutions for baby tagging and article surveillance all of which can if required integrate and be controlled from one technology platform either locally or remotely.

As well as security products, our building safety portfolio is very appropriate to this sector.  Our fire detection manufacturer partnerships include some of the most advanced and reliable products available and also introduce enhanced interfacing options with other building management and security too.

We understand the need to provide safe and secure environments and the commitment to providing the highest level of patient care.  All of our products comply with recognised standards and are backed up with service and support plan options that ensure the ongoing effectiveness of the chosen products.