Out of town industrial and technology parks always require security technologies to combat criminal activity and provide a safe and secure environment for their tenants.  Companies and organisations located there also require security which is specific to their individual needs.

Reflex have a wealth of experience in designing and delivering site wide security surveillance for these applications from heavy industrial parks to hi-tech business communities.  From the ground up, we offer innovative cable and fibre optic solutions or the choice of wire free transmission options if required, or in some cases a combination of all.

Reflex can provide, design and deliver local security monitoring facilities as well as offering remote monitoring options and managed service, which will fully conform to relevant British standards where required.  This can also include police response.

As well as fixed camera locations, wireless video technologies including 4G, allows us to provide rapid deployment cameras with no requirement for local power which is ideal for short term surveillance such as fly tipping.

Whatever your risk profile, Reflex offer a range of technology solutions to meet your specific requirements and budget.  From stand-alone intruder alarm systems to fully integrated CCTV, automatic number plate recognition, electronic access and fire detection technologies, we ensure that your business premises are covered 24/7.