November 2017 saw Reflex Soundpoint become an official partner of Audinate as a DANTE domain manager reseller and integrator.

Audinate are the founder and developer of the leading networked audio protocol “DANTE”. Audinate’s ongoing advancements of audio over Ethernet technology has surpassed all other protocols and is now the leading industry standard enabling greater flexibility for audio networking. This partnership allows Soundpoint to design and deliver larger, more versatile and robust sound solutions that are easily manged and can integrate in to existing network infrastructure, securely.


DANTE – An Innovative Networking TechnologyDante logo R 1000px

Reflex Soundpoint Senior Engineer James Hedges said -“DANTE is a powerful technology that allows many channels of audio to be transmitted and received over a standard network without the complexities and limitations of traditional solutions. Dante technology has altered the face of professional audio, from installed system to live sound and beyond giving scalability, flexibility and efficiency as well professional grade audio quality as a minimum standard”.

DANTE represents the largest ecosystem of compatible audio over IP devices. No other platform gives customers such a wide range of solutions from which to construct a recording or live sound environment. Hotels, leisure and social facilities, sporting venues, public spaces, transport hubs, recording studios, religious venues, meeting rooms, auditoriums, theatres, cinemas, the list of environments where DANTE enabled products can enhance the audio experience are practically limitless.

DANTE supports all commonly used sample rates, from 44.1kHz up to 192kHz and different bit depths (16, 24, 32), allowing hundreds of channels along ONE single gigabit connection.


  • Digital audio transmission means induced noise and ground loops are a thing of the past
  • Easy to set-up, configure and manage as Dante enabled devices discover one another over the network and learn each other’s capabilities
  • Enables you to mix devices from multiple manufacturers
  • The network can be expanded and reconfigured at any time
  • A suite of diagnostic tools for a real-time visibility into your networks health status
  • Supports ‘glitch-free’ redundancy, preventing audio loss in the event of a connectivity problem
  • DANTE domain manager allows ease of routing, configuring and storage of scenes for easy management
  • DANTE domain manager allows administration of user accounts and security profiles



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