Design, supply and installation of high performance security systems is part of the Reflex DNA. We consistently provide excellent installations to customers across a range of applications including local and regional government, financial and data management, utilities and healthcare. An issue we are increasingly coming across is the lack of understanding around cybersecurity risks associated with CCTV installations.

What is cybercrime?

Cybercrime and the hacking of data from businesses and public organisations is a growing global threat with a number of high profile examples hitting the media in recent months. As society becomes increasingly interconnected and technology dependent, the threat of a cyber attack is on the rise. MPs have even questioned the UK’s cyber attack defences recently.

Cybercrime can be defined as the unauthorised access to your network. Many hacks can go undetected or unreported, however the consequences of being hacked are hard to ignore. Being hacked can be devastating in terms of access to personal information or business critical data and loss of revenue through network down time and data recovery.

Cybersecurity and CCTV

The use of network CCTV offers real benefits when compared to the analogue alternatives. However, with the increased appetite for remote connectivity, wireless transmission in the place of cable and fibre, and a surge in free CCTV software apps, there are plenty of opportunities for hackers to find a way in.

It is commonplace for businesses and organisations to install CCTV systems as part of their security systems but few realise that this could be opening the door to cybersecurity issues. Although CCTV is vital for physical security, it is also one of the weakest points of entry to a network and an opportunity for hackers to gain access – a fact that is poorly understood.

There has been a flood of low cost CCTV products available on the market, many manufactured by budget brands in China. In many cases, CCTV is being installed by non-specialist companies with no professional industry background or qualifications. These companies are unlikely to understand or give due consideration to cybersecurity.

Cheap options without sufficient protection leave you vulnerable to cybercrime and introduce the risk of incurring far larger costs down the line.

The cost of a professional and secure installation is negligible compared to the cost of a significant breach or loss of data.

Taking security as seriously as we do

Unlike non-specialist companies, Reflex do not ignore cybercrime. We offer tiered options for engineered CCTV solutions that are designed to meet the needs of companies who take security as seriously as we do.

All our engineers are well trained to the most current standards and have in-depth, expert knowledge of the products that we use. We always aim to maintain the latest technology offerings, innovation and reliability by installing systems with embedded cybercrime protection.

Several of our manufacturing product partners have made significant investment in this area. One such partner is Panasonic, a global leader within security.

Secure Communication with Panasonic and Reflex

Panasonic have taken the issue of security attacks on network infrastructure seriously. In partnership with a leading threat protection provider, Panasonic have developed Secure Communication, a series of secure technologies and platforms for the protection of data in its video surveillance solutions to combat security attacks and ensure the high quality of video evidence and data quality of Panasonic IP stream. Secure Communication is offered on all Panasonic 5, 6 and True 4K cameras.

Secure Communication is FIPS140-2 level 1 compliant, therefore you can be assured to obtain reliable communication between devices through authentication and be safe through data and communication encryption. Panasonic combines the third party’s highly reliable certificates and technology for detecting and analysing cyber-attacks with its own in-house embedded cryptography technology, to provide a highly secure and robust protection layer for embedded surveillance products. These products provide three information protecting blocks: data encryption, communication encryption and verification plus key.Secure Communication-2

Our partnership with Panasonic means that Secure Communication is available on all Panasonic CCTV IP camera systems that we install.

A new standard in the fight against cybercrime

Panasonic are setting a new industry standard for secure video transmission solutions. Reflex has a strong working relationship with Panasonic, having partnered with them over 20 years to deliver innovative and highly reliable end-to-end solutions. Our network of fully accredited engineers provides professional security installations from beginning to the end. Together we provide security solutions that protect your data from cybercrime.

Don’t make a mistake that will cost you later.

If you would like to find out how Reflex can help protect your data, please contact us.