Combining Specialist engineering services and technology innovation is what we do. The latest developments in video analytics is a real game changer in life safety and asset protection solutions for early warning fire detection.

Early warning signs are vital to ensure prevention of maximum damage and disaster caused by fire. Although not designed to completely replace conventional fire alarms, our latest generation camera solutions incorporate advanced analytics to provide superfast smoke detection in places where traditional systems fail due to slow detection and the application requires early warning with alarm notification and visual verification.

Video smoke and fire detection consists of high resolution video cameras combined with a computer video analytics software which has the ability to detect and identify smoke and fire; the VDS technology understands the behaviour and movement of smoke. Our solution is ideal for large volume spaces and is typically applied to protect high value assets and enables users located on site or remotely, to raise the alert and take appropriate action early.

Our technology partners include NetVu, Axis and Milstone, Please get in touch if you would like more information about our specialist solutions delivering integrated security and life safety solutions to the industrial and commercial industries