This year we are delighted to be celebrating 30 years of Reflex Systems after being established in April 1987 by our Managing Director John Pye who has successfully led the company since its launch.

As we look back on the highlights of the last 30 years, we would like to take this opportunity to say a heartfelt thank you to all our customers and our world leading product partners for your support and custom over the years and we look forward to a bright future with you and with new customers as we continue to grow our business.

Leading the way in an ever-changing industry

Throughout our history, we have evolved to meet the needs of our customers in a rapidly changing landscape. From our humble beginnings in the security industry, we have adopted a solutions driven approach with a focus on the latest technologies, always striving to best meet the needs of our customers. Over the years we have broadened our expertise and now offer integrated systems incorporating security, life safety and audio.

Despite significant changes in the industry, we have worked tirelessly to remain ahead of the competition through our continual investment in training and innovation.

Since the outset, we have set the benchmark as an early adopter to the latest and most innovative technologies of our industry.

Our name is consistently recognised for our high standards of delivery. Our dedicated work over the last 30 years has established us as a resilient, highly regarded and trusted leader in our field.

Notably, we have been at the forefront of guiding many businesses through the significant step of converting from analogue to network IP based integrated solutions that go far beyond security and life safety applications. Through an integrated systems approach we can also meet the needs of building management, process management, asset management and health and safety whilst delivering solutions to address any security challenge from the same technology area.

More recently we have added value in many other areas, with the advances in smart software control, network enabled solutions and the introduction of unified management of video analytics, smart video management, single platform software and mobile data transmission.

We have led the way by providing integrated solutions in key public arenas and venues across the UK and in Europe – we are particularly proud of our involvement in providing significant security solutions for the 2012 London Olympics and in playing a small part in the success and safety of this historic event.

Strong partnerships with our suppliers

Much of the success of the last 30 years can be attributed to the long-standing partnerships we have developed with our suppliers, many of which have been with us since the beginning. All are first class product and software development organisations and they are key to meeting our customer needs.

We design and install all our systems using only the highest quality products from a variety of high profile brands, delivering our integrated solutions across the UK. Our in-depth understanding of each and every system and component we install ensures the very best-fit solution for every project we undertake.

Investing in the future: what will the next 30 years look like?

Since 1987, we have established ourselves as a leading integrated systems provider and this reputation will continue long into the future.

Our wealth of industry knowledge has resulted in a broad and loyal customer base and our customers know what to expect when working with us. With 30 years of experience we are trusted to provide the best combination of advice, service, product choices and engineering skills to meet every project’s individual requirements.

Building on our depth of experience across many different sectors, we will continue to invest in our business through our ongoing commitment to skills development and innovation. We will strive to retain our envious position as an industry leader who quickly adapts to the rapid technological advances of our industry.

We are very proud of the achievements of the last 30 years and look forward to going from strength to strength into the future, continuing to flourish for the next 30 years as our customer base expands.

Whether you are a large or small business, we would love to talk to you about how Reflex Systems can serve your specific needs. For more information, call our team on 0800 5423333.