Appearance Search

In light of recent terror attacks in London and Manchester, integrated security systems are more important than ever. Video management systems play a key role in securing public space, but with the increase in the number of security cameras installed at any one site, there is often too much security footage to be viewed and processed by a human. This can result in crucial information being missed. Appearance search technologies can aid in the retrieval of information.

We offer video analytics as part of our innovative CCTV solutions. Rather than manually searching through all security footage, appearance search software provides a number of increased efficiencies through intelligent search criteria.

There are many ways that this software can be employed. Facial recognition is well known and this technology is far more practicable now. There is also the ability to track object placement and removal. Appearance search also makes it possible to track the directional movement of an individual, in sequence, across all cameras throughout your site.

Appearance search software is a benefit to building, process and operational management – there are options that allow analytics to be scheduled to function at different times. For example, this could be used to monitor loitering outside of opening hours.

Avigilon, one of our partners, has incorporated artificial intelligence into their software which has the potential to make video more searchable and enable automatic alerts and responses – as a result security systems will no longer be constrained by how much information an individual can monitor.

Appearance search is an exciting and powerful tool that enhances IP CCTV networks. This software is available through Reflex. Our design, engineer and installation capabilities ensure that you have an expert security system that is tailored to work for you and your individual setting. Through our industry knowledge and established partnerships, we can take care of the hardware and software needs and provide you with an effective integrated security solution.

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