The Challenge

Reflex Systems were asked to commission and supply a new, integrated fire safety system. Due to the complex nature of the buildings in an architecturally sensitive environment, there were a number of restrictions and requirements set out by English Heritage.

The Solution

The fire and suppression systems installed by Reflex incorporated two MxPro 5 panels in the main heritage centre and the former Victorian prison building. Advanced’s ultra-dependable ExGo extinguishant release system has been installed in the Magna Carta vault. Reflex also installed Hochiki Europe’s FIREbeam solution, a highly specialised, reflective beam smoke detector which is able to detect smoke scattered over wide areas thanks to the use of infra-red beams; measuring beam obscuration by smoke particles to identify any fire before it can spread. This system not only reduces the amount of cabling required but, thanks to its advanced motorised technology, means that should any building movement occur, the detectors will automatically realign ensuring the system is always providing optimal detection. The combination of Advanced and Hochiki Europe’s fire and suppression systems provides a discreet solution, resulting in high levels of protection 24/7 to ensure the safety and security for visitors, the 947 year old castle, perimeter wall and Victorian prison, as well as the new David P J Ross Magna Carta Vault where the Magna Carta and its sister document, the Charter of the Forest (1217), can be viewed together.

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